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Dark Woods Virtual Ascent Challenge

Dark Woods Virtual Ascent Challenge

To take part in this event you either need to be over 18 or supervised by a responsible adult.


About the Event

Covid stopped us running in Great Woods in 2020 so there's a second chance to earn the Dark Woods medal from 2019. The medals from the sellout night race in Great Woods. This medal is paired with a new ribbon for the virtual challenge. 


Challenge Description

This virtual challenge is based on the ascent required to finish the long race at Dark Woods. To earn the medal you need to cover at least 470m of ascent in as many runs as you need. We've based the ascent on the figure provided by the ordnance survery route plotting website.


Working out Ascent

If you use strava showing your ascent is really easy as the activities show ascent. Some watches or devices can show your ascent while you run. But if you don't have a device which does this you could plot your route in advance. Strava can also be useful for this. 


To Submit

So what do you need to provide?


State that you are over 18 or were supervised by a responsible adult

Address to post to.
Proof of your ascent on your run or runs. Proof can be screen shots of strava, garmin, running watches or similar. If you want to be competitive on pace please make sure that’s visible. As we want this to be a relatively fair thing we reserve the right to use our discretion on whether an activity qualifies for the pace.

Send us proof via our gmail -


Multiple Entries

If purchasing as more than one entry everything works the same except one person, ideally the one who purchased the entries needs to supply one address to send all the medals to. And supply names and proof of activities completed for each entrant. We’ll assume each person is to include in results unless told otherwise.


Date wise, we won’t be strict. The event is likely to be open until sold out. 


Location? Anywhere there's hills or a place to run up. If you fancy going to the event location it's Great Wood in Somerset north of Taunton. The race goes from the Ramscombe area where there's parking and toilets. 


If you're happy to share your run we love people to show off their challenges on our social media pages or send us some photos and we can share them. 


We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who breaks pandemic guidance while doing any of our challenges. Remember if you do find yourself unexpectedly self isolating you could run in the garden if you have one or use an exercise machine. Remember if sharing publicly your run to make sure you have a privacy zone on if using strava. 


Age? We are happy for kids to do our virtual races other than just the mini ones - you can break down our bigger race distance challenges into smaller chunks if you need to help your little one or yourself complete it. However, here are our guidelines, though please use your own common sense and parental judgment. We are not responsible or accountable for your children when participating, it is up to the responsible parent or guardian to look after and ensure the safety of the child/ children. Click here for our full guidelines


Posting We normally post once a week, often on Thursday. Medals are normally sent second class.


If you were Entered in an event you just need to email us at or pm us on facebook and let us know what you had and entered and that you want to do the virtual race (if you haven’t already).


If you want to Enter purchase an entry in our shop here.


Will you be doing other virtual races? Yes there are several already open and more on the way we hope.

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