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Virtual Ham Hill Races

Virtual Ham Hill Races

Since the pandemic is stopping us running the real event we're running a virtual one as an alternative.


We have the 10k and the Half Marathon option. All you have to do is enter and then send us the proof you've run at least the event distance, at a time and place of your choosing, then we'll post out your medal out to you.


To do this you need to be over 18 or under the supervision of a responsible adult. 


The medals are the same as the previous year's Ham Hill races since we are unable to get any new one's in given the current situation. However, they do have lovely new ribbons to show them off as being different to the preivous year! 


If you've already entered into the race you should have got an email from us, remember if you wish to change to doing the race virtually please message us to sort changing over. 


Read the full instructions here: 

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