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Spring Treasure Hunt

Spring Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Flying Fox Running's Spring Treasure hunt. Instead of running or walking a set distance the challenge for you (and your team if part of one) need to spot some relatively everyday things in your local area. You can walk, run, cycle, scoot, skate or anything else that is safe, legal and lets you get outside for a bit of exercise. For the finishers we have our newest custom made spring inspired medal.  


This challenge is suitable for people of all ages and abilities including children. We thought it might be useful in keeping children entertained. We hope this also works for anyone who might be finding running and walking all a bit samey at the moment and needs a new excuse to get outdoors. Like the previous challenges you can enter as a team with your nearest and dearest or with friends socially distanced. Remember to follow social distancing guidelines for all people outside of your household (or bubble) while out exercising responsibly.


You, and any other people/little person present, need to photo each of the items on the list and send them to us. You only need one person to run or walk per team and one set of photos per team. So if other people can’t be persuaded off their bikes or scooters that’s fine and you don’t have to trust them with a phone or camera either. A responsible adult must be present to accompany any child/children taking part. There are two lists, one geared for the outdoors solely and a second long list with additional tasks that maybe useful to keep little people occuppied all day. It's your choice what you go for. It doesn’t matter how many walks or activities it takes to complete the treasure hunt or how long it takes to complete overall. Though if some are proving elusive don't worry. Because up to 3 items from the list you can draw and submit a photo of the drawing and we do welcome creative solutions. 


Once you’ve entered on this website to complete your treasure hunt you need to choose a team name (if you're in a team) and tell us who is in your team. Then choose a list of items to find. Submit the photos and any drawings of the items you found. You can include a strava activity screenshot if you like but it’s not essential. Then you can reconfirm your postal address and we’ll get your medals sent out.  If you need your medals sent out in advance of doing the challenge so they can be presented on completion of the challenge you will need to contact us after entering. We will still need the proof of completing the challenge to be sent through. If you’re unhappy with any photos you submitted being used to promote this challenge please let us know. We’re hoping to give this event a community feel and share when people complete their challenges.

Results will show :

Team Neptune Legion Rides Again: James, Liz, Mary and Pip (you don't have to tell them they can't ride yet)  


Medals normally go out the Thursday or Friday after receipt of your evidence.


This event is being opened for presales. Our manufacturer is hurrieldy making them with the Easter holidays in mind. But with current conditions such as covid and brexit related custom issues we can't guarentee when we will have them. Our last medals took a month to get through customs where previously they would clear in 24hrs. So they could arrive anywhere from the end of March, really should be here in April but could be as late as May if we're unlucky.

We're opening for presales as if the numbers justify it we can try and add more to the order or get a second batch since the last treasure hunt sold out in days.


The standard list can be found here:

Standard Edition Spring Treasure Hunt


The extra homework crafting list can be found here:

Extra Homework Spring Treasure Hunt


When they're done activities can be submitted to


Please feel free to post any photos of your challenges to our facebook pages and help us to share the fun. We really appreciate your support and thank you for helping us through the pandemic while we are unable to hold our races.


Keep safe, keep healthy and enjoy.


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