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Mini Swan3k Your Way Challenge

Mini Swan3k Your Way Challenge

We've reopenned the 3k Your Way Challenge for the mini swan medal.  


To earn the beautiful swan medal you and anyone doing the challenge with you need to run, walk or fly (if you're capable) a minimum of 3km. But and so as no to ruffle any feathers you can do this in any number of activities within reason (please within reason, having to certify a cm at a time would be...... ).

This challenge is suitable for people of all sizes including children. Sorry if you were looking for some private time. This also works for people getting into running or those who like running for shiny things but not that far or even those who need some motivation to help with walks! You can enter as a team. So more little people may be available if you already own them but please don’t steal any, kidnapping is wrong even if their parents beg you to take them away due to lockdown and home schooling! We’re thinking this might be a good way to get all members of a household active maybe even adults who are somewhat run averse ... but remember to respect the social distance for all others out of your household or bubble while out exercising responsibly.


You, and any little person/people present, need to run or walk at least 3km - if you need breaks that’s fine, you can even do this in multiple activities but overall a responsible adult must be present to acompany with the child/children.

Then choose a team name, you could use your name from the last challenge though these medals obviously have swans on them and were going to be for our fun run at our Abbotsbury Eventide races. Results will show :

Team Neptune Legion Rides Again: James, Liz, Mary and Pip (you don't have to tell them they can't ride yet) 


When you've completed the challenge then send the evidence to us.  To make it easy that evidence can be any of the following: strava, garmin link, screenshot, photo of your watch screen at the end of the activity so we know how far you went, how long it took and when it was.   You only need to support evidence for the responsible person so don’t worry about having tracking for everyone.  


We’ll do our best to send medals out each week, normally on a Thursday.



Activities can be submitted to 

Please feel free to post any photos of your challenges to our facebook pages and help us to share the fun. We really appreciate you being nice to us and helping us through while we can't put our races on.


50p from each medal purchased goes to charity TBD.


Keep safe, keep healthy and enjoy.

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