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Le Noel Noir, the Festive 12

Le Noel Noir, the Festive 12

This a challenge aimed at keeping active this Christmas. The Festive 12 is a 12 run or physical activities challenge. We’ll accept any activity that you can prove and contributes to physical fitness and wellbeing. The activities can be any duration. You can also mix and match, so it could be a mix of runs, walks, biking, exercise bike etc.


Since it’s Christmas we want to make this a bit more exciting with a least one being extra special. We suggest a run with a friend, a fancy dress run, a run somewhere new or that you rarely go to.  


To Submit

So what do you need to provide? 


Address to send medal to

We'll try and be as flexible as we can as currently it’s strange times we’re living in. Hopefully things will stabilise but the lock down may well get stricter. If that happens we’ll update this! Send us proof via our gmail - Proof can be screen shots of Strava, Garmin, running watches, cycling computers, xtrainer dash screens or similar. 


Multiple Entries

If purchasing as more than one entry everything works the same except one person, ideally the one who purchased the entries needs to supply one address to send all the medals to. And supply names and proof of activities completed for each entrant. We’ll assume each person is to include in results unless told otherwise.


Date wise, we won’t be strict. Preferably this winter season. We won’t be strict as we know injuries and life just happens. We also aim to do the challenge ourselves every other day during December. Although covid has already screwed with our schedule! :/ 



Just please respect your local COVID19 rules and guidelines at the time you do your activities. 

Remember if sharing publicly your run -  to make sure you have a privacy zone on if using strava. 


If you're happy to share your run we love people to show off their challenges on our social media pages or send us some photos and we can share them. 


Posting We’ll start posting out the medals as soon as we receive them and you have submitted proof of running/cycling etc. the challenge. Obviously it’s strange times at the moment and how quickly any of the process goes is unknown.

The medals might take slightly longer than normal for us to receive them, however we are expecting them mid December so if you zoom through the challenge before this then you may have to wait slightly longer for your medal. 


If you were Entered in an event you just need to email us at or pm us on facebook and let us know what you had and entered and that you want to do the virtual race (if you haven’t already).


If you want to Enter places are available at the shop Simply purchase the virtual race there and once we’ve received your proof of finishing and the medals are available we’ll post them out. You can send proof to or pm on facebook.


Will Flying Fox be doing other virtual races? Yes there are several already open and hopefully have more coming soon. Watch our store or facebook page for details.


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