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Flying Four Virtual Race

Flying Four Virtual Race

Challenge Description

The Flying Four is a four mile virtual race. You can complete it anytime, anywhere to earn the fantastic race medal. For those who want to be competitive there is also a race element. With rewards for the fastest pace individual and team runs. Of course you don’t have to push yourself or be super fast to enter, just be able to run four miles. 


To complete the race you must

  • Complete a minimum of four miles. 

  • Submit your entry to, currently no deadline


To qualify for prizes you also need to: 

  • Submit your entry before the end of June 2021 (updated from the end of March while covid restrictions remain in place) 

  • Make sure the pace of your run is easily viewable. It’s the pace of the run which will be compared and needs to be submitted. 

  • Make sure the run has no net loss of height to qualify for a prize. It can be flat or uphill. Just not overall downhill. 

  • You can run more than once. Submit a four mile run to claim your medal. If you do another run faster you’re allowed to submit one faster run in the competition period.


So it’s not all about competition but we realise that has been missing somewhat for those that want to push themselves. In this case finding a good route near you is part of the challenge. It is possible to run laps to do this.


So for those who are interested in making it a competition the prize categories are -  

  • Fastest Running Pace 1st and 2nd, male and female

  • 1st 45+ and 60+, male and female.

  • Teams of four with a minimum of one female. Teams with more than four people in we will take the fastest 4 qualifying runners. 



There are team prizes, but you can also enter as a team for 4 or more entries with a £1 discount per entry. We’ll post out the medals when the bulk of results have been received. To enter you need to contact Medals will be posted to one address. We ask that you respect all guidelines on social distancing when passing on medals. 


To Submit

So what do you need to provide? To claim the medal you just need to be able to prove a four mile run. To compete in the Flying Four Race you need to also show us the pace of your run and that there was no net loss of height over the course of the run. Send us proof via our gmail - Proof can be screen shots of Strava, Garmin, running watches or similar. 

We do recommend you warm up first and warm down after. Easiest way is to do a warm up and warm down as separate runs. But if you have a lap button you can submit a 4 mile interval. Just press the lap button at the start of the 4 miles and again at the end. Just make sure that segment is viewable in the proof you send us.

Improve your time?
If you want to enter and do a four mile run asap to get your medal, then go for it. But why not try and improve your time? You can submit one more time to us and we’ll update the results although we’ll only do this once. Otherwise that may all I would be doing!


Date wise, we won’t be strict. But the competition period ends end of March 2021.


Anywhere! Just please respect local COVID19 restrictions in your area at the time of your run. 

Remember if sharing publicly your run to make sure you have a privacy zone on if using Strava. 


Posting - We’ll start posting out the medals once we have your proof of running the distance.  These medals are currently with Flying Fox and we aim to post out most Thursdays.

Deferments - If you were Entered in an event and still have a deferred place you just need to email us at or pm us on facebook and let us know what you had and entered and that you want to do the virtual race (if you haven’t already).

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